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Maudsley Philosophy Group

Witchcraft and Psychosis
Thursday 8th March 2018
Dr Quinton Deeley

Dr Deeley is Senior Lecturer in Developmental Neuropsychiatry at King's and his clinical work specialises in autism, ADHD and brain injuries as well as mental disorders ranging from depression to psychosis.
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Health Care Conferences UK

Psychological Therapies in the NHS: A New Deal in Depression
Wednesday 21 - Thursday 22 March 2018
Health Care Conferences UK

Two day conference, including speakers Wayne Martin (WS 4), Gareth Owen (WS 3 & 6), Genevra Richardson (WS 2) and George Szmukler. Psychological Therapies in the NHS: A New Deal for Depression will provide psychologists, psychiatrists and counsellors with practical support and advice for improving Psychological Therapies and IAPT services in practice. Booking required.
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Previous Events

Framing public mental health as a social right: a historical non-starter, but contemporary necessity?
Friday 19th January 2018
Peter Roderick

Social rights are human rights. The right to health is one of them, as are several social determinants of health, such as the right to housing and to decent work. For over 40 years, the UK has had legally-binding international obligations to achieve these rights progressively, but has not incorporated them into domestic law.
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Problems of Control: Alcohol Dependency & Mental Capacity Tests
Wednesday 23rd February 2018
Dr Jillian Craigie

This paper investigates the ability of mental incapacity tests to account for problems of control, through a study of the approach to alcohol dependency and a comparison with the approach to anorexia nervosa, in England and Wales.
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2017 Annual Sowerby Lecture
9 November 2017
Gareth Owen

Mental Health and Justice: Classical and Romantic perspectives

Psychiatry has long attracted interpretations from cool, detached perspectives valuing objectivity (Kraepelin, Freud, Beck) to hotter, embodied perspectives valuing subjectivity (Reil, Laing, Foucault)...

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Evidence and Objectivity: Evidence when n=1
Monday 30 October 2017
Nancy Cartwright and Sherri Roush

We have become accustomed to the idea that the evidence base in medicine comes in large part from population-based studies. But both in the clinical encounter and in legal proceedings, that evidence must be brought to bear on a case that involves a single individual...
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