Research Network

Academic Management Group

Academic Management Group, King's College London, 2018. From left to right: Alex Ruck Keene, Dr Gareth Owen, Felix Warnock (administrator), Dr Jill Craigie, Prof Anthony David, Dr Hanna Kienzler, Dr Tania Gergel, Prof Wayne Martin.

Service user involvement

The Service User Advisory Group or SUAG is a group of 10 people with lived experience of a range of mental health conditions who advise both collectively and in smaller groups about aspects of the project.  We have 3 main meetings a year.  These begin with a summary and discussion of recent progress across each of the six work streams.  Usually meetings are attended by researchers from the individual work streams. They bring their work to the group for comment and discussion.  Members of the group also take part in other activities within the project, such as attending policy labs or wider Mental Health and Justice meetings  As well as this members are consulted individually or in smaller groups on particular work stream-related tasks. Our aim is to ensure that the entire project reflects the needs and concerns of people with mental health problems, their families, and carers.

For information on some of the group’s members follow here

Project collaborators

  • Alison Douglass – Barrister, New Zealand Law Society
  • Liz Eaton – national policy lead for mental capacity, UK ministry of Justice
  • Simon Fleminger – consultant neuropsychiatrist, Glenside neurorehabilitation hospital, UK
  • Fabian Freyenhagen – professor of philosophy, co-director Essex Autonomy Project, University of Essex.
  • Joan Goulbourne – Strategy and Specialist Policy – Mental Capacity 
Law and Access to Justice, UK ministry of Justice
  • Elizabeth Gibby – lead responsibility for policy on mental capacity, Ministry of Justice, UK.
  • Anthony Holland – Emeritus professor of learning disabilities, University of Cambridge
  • Matthew Hotopf – Professor of general Hospital psychiatry, King’s College London
  • Michalis Kyratsous – Psychiatry SpR and MD(Res) student, King’s College London
  • Colin McKay – Chief executive Mental Welfare Commission for Scotland
  • Sophy Miles – Barrister, Doughty Street Chambers
  • Paul Moran – Reader in Psychiatry, University of Bristol
  • The Maudsley Philosophy Group Trust
  • The Peter Sowerby Foundation Philosophy & Medicine project, KCL
  • Benjamin Spencer – Psychiatry SpR and NIHR research fellow, King’s College London
  • George Szmukler – Emeritus professor of psychiatry and society, Kings College London
  • Adrian Ward – Solicitor, Law Society of Scotland
  • Wojtek Wojcik – Consultant Liaison Psychiatrist, Royal Edinburgh Infirmary, Scotland.
  • Greg Young – Consultant psychiatrist, Hawkes Bay District Health Board, New Zealand.