UCSF Weill Institute for Neurosciences

San FranciscoCA

United States

UCSF Weill Institute for Neurosciences seek a highly motivated and collaborative postdoctoral scholar to join a new interdisciplinary research project on ethical issues in the development of novel neurotechnologies at the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF), led by Winston Chiong, MD PhD in the UCSF Department of Neurology; in conjunction with Daniel Dohan, PhD (UCSF Institute for Health Policy Studies), Edward Chang, MD (UCSF Neurosurgery; UC Berkeley/UCSF Center for Neural Engineering & Prostheses) and Jalayne Arias, JD (UCSF Neurology; Global Brain Health Institute).

The postdoctoral fellow will conduct qualitative research (including clinic observation, interviews, and focus groups) with patients, clinicians and researchers engaged in the development of new technologies for the treatment of neurological and psychiatric illnesses; and will analyze these data to prepare manuscripts and presentations for national and international meetings. This work will be embedded in a leading BRAIN Initiative-funded research program in neurotechnology and neuroethics. The fellow will be encouraged to take advantage of other training and learning opportunities within the UCSF Weill Institute for Neurosciences, the UC Berkeley/UCSF Center for Neural Engineering & Prostheses, the UCSF Institute for Health Policy Studies, and the UCSF/UC Hastings Consortium on Law, Science, and Health Policy. We hope that this experience will prepare the fellow for an independent research career in bioethics/neuroethics, health policy, or the biosciences.

Further information: https://career.ucsf.edu/content/postdoctoral-fellowship-neuroethics-and-neurotechnology