MHJ has contributed to a King’s Policy Institute Policy briefing document entitled: “The Future of the Mental Health Act”. This has been based on 2 policy labs and a wide range of contributions. The briefing document, is feeding into the UK Government’s independent review of the Mental Health Act.

To coincide with the publication of the interim report from the independent review of the Mental Health Act, we have today published our briefing document on the future of the Mental Health Act. This document summarises the discussions which took place during our policy lab in November 2017, as well as drawing on insights from subsequent developments, including our February policy lab on the assessment of decision-making capacity. It puts forward a series of proposals for the independent review to consider, as well as setting out a set of principles to shape the future of the Act.
Further information on the report can be found on the IoPPN website

Access the briefing document: The Future of the Mental Health Act (pdf)