Our Mental Health and Psychosocial Directory (MHPSS) Directory provides up-to-date information about governmental and non-governmental organisations providing mental health and psychosocial support services in the West Bank of the occupied Palestinian territory. It includes contact information, service location, types of services and activities, beneficiaries and MHPSS staffing. The directory is available in both English and Arabic (see http://icph.birzeit.edu/research-intervention-tools/mental-health-and-psychosocial-directory-mhpss-west-bankopt)

This MHPSS Directory can be used to aid in referrals, for facilitating cooperation and partnerships between organisations engaged in similar work, or for further research purposes in this field. As this directory is dynamic, information will be updated to include more information or amend changing details. We welcome and encourage providing feedback on the publication and its contents.

The directory is a jointly produced output between Birzeit University and King’s College London. It is part of the Wellcome Trust funded interdisciplinary research initiative on Mental Health and Justice (MHJ), Support and Independence Within the Community. For correspondence regarding amendments, suggestions or further information please contact Dr Rita Giacaman (Birzeit University): rita@birzeit.edu or Dr Hanna Kienzler (King’s College London): hanna.kienzler@kcl.ac.uk.