In conversation with Dr Gareth Owen: Interdisciplinarity, capacity paradigms and new challenges for capacity.

Workstream 6
21 Jan, 2023

From the Mental Capacity Law and Policy website: “In a slightly different ‘in conversation with,’ in that the tables are turned half-way though and I’m on the spot, Dr Gareth Owen and I [Alex Ruck Keene] reflect on our work on the Mental Health and Justice Project, and discuss the need for (and complexities of) interdisciplinarity in mental health research, drawing on a chapter in a forthcoming book.  We then turn to a paper I led on – just published in the Medical Law Review – about whether there has been a paradigm shift in mental capacity law brought about by the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, if not, why not, and whether more recent developments mean that it is possible to put some of the more unhelpful debates behind us.  We also spend a few minutes at the end looking at new challenges for the concept of capacity posed by moves towards assisted dying/assisted suicide.”

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