Interpersonal influences on decision making: an analysis of capacity judgements

Workstream 5
10 Mar, 2020

Oral presentation at the Scottish Mental Health Law Review at the King’s Policy Institute, March, 2020.

Ariyo, K., Kane, N., Ruck Keene, A., & Owen, G.

This presentation was based on a review of court of protection cases, which we presented at an event organised by the King’s Policy Institute. This review focused on interpersonal factors that were considered within a discussion of the person’s capacity. A writeup of the case review is currently going through the peer review submission process and we will update this page upon confirmation.   

We collaborated with Nuala Kane and Alex Ruck Keene from workstream 6 for this project. Nuala offered detailed insights from her previous review of court of protection cases and Alex helped us to frame our research questions to address legal debates around undue influence.