Mental Health and Justice publication milestone

25 Jan, 2021

As the project moves into 2021, I’ll be reporting some important Mental Health and Justice (MHJ) milestones.

There has been publication of a special ‘Mental Health and Justice’ issue of The International Journal of Law and Psychiatry. This issue brings together 11 original interdisciplinary research papers (most Open Access), with contributions from all 6 workstreams of the MHJ project, reflecting work carried out between 2017 and 2020.  An editorial by Tania Gergel, who edited the Special Issue, summarises the studies and explains how their interdisciplinary approaches have shaped their diverse contributions to ongoing debates surrounding unresolved problems within international disability rights.  

International Journal of Law and Psychiatry Special Issue

Many thanks to Brendan Kelly, the Editor of The International Journal of Law and Psychiatry, and his team.

Also, we have seen the open access publication of original MHJ research for a topic collection in Frontiers of Psychiatry.

It was a particular pleasure to see many of the MHJ doctoral and postdoctoral researchers travel (pre covid!) to the Institute for Medical Ethics and History of Medicine of the Ruhr University Bochum, Germany for a 5-day workshop on Human Rights and Mental Health. The workshop was associated with the topic collection and the research papers were very much aided by it. Special thanks go to Dr Matthé Scholten and colleagues in the SALUS project for organising it.

Our website now brings together all MHJ publications in a single searchable page.

We are all working on other research and I am looking forward to reporting further publication milestones later this year!

Dr Gareth Owen

MHJ project lead