Mental Health & Disabilities, King's Transnational Law Summit 2018

Event | Workstream 1
12 Apr, 2018

On 12 April 2018, a panel workshop event was held at the King’s Transnational Law Summit, bringing together members from across the Mental Health and Justice work streams and invited panel members, to discuss the moral and political concerns motivating current positions on mental incapacity as a basis for limiting legal capacity and the implications for supported decision-making.

We asked: What moral and legal concerns are becoming decisive? What justifies the position against mental capacity as a basis for limiting legal capacity? Is there a place for mental capacity assessment within support-based legal capacity paradigms?

Speakers: Michael Bach, Jillian Craigie, Sándor Gurbai, Arlene Kanter, Scott Kim, Oliver Lewis, Graham Morgan, Moderator: Alex Ruck-Keene.

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