Performing Metacognition, Sarah Carpenter (2021), in collaboration with Bethlem Gallery

2021 | Bethlem Gallery | Workstream 5
14 Jul, 2021

As part of the Mental Health and Justice project, artist researcher Sarah Carpenter has been collaborating with clinical researcher Andrew McWilliams whose work focuses on metacognition and capacity.

Performing Metacognition’ is a continuation of this collaboration and invites you to explore and perform your own ideas and experiences of thinking about thinking, your capacity to make decisions and your agency as you move through life. Sarah aims to use the responses generated by contributors to the project to evaluate her own processes as an artist researcher, whilst delving further into some unanswered (and possibly unanswerable) lines of inquiry.

Through creating an open online space for other people to contribute to her work, Sarah is attempting to test the notion of loss of agency as she gives away control and ownership of her artwork.

The project is supported by Bethlem Gallery.

For more information and to contribute to the online gallery, please visit here