Seminar: Effective decision-making support, Dr Shih-Ning Then

Event | Workstream 1
19 Nov, 2018

Dr Shih-Ning Then (Faculty of Law, Queensland University of Technology), presented a seminar in November 2018, on supported decision-making legal developments in Australia and the ‘Effective decision-making support’ project.

More about Effective decision-making support:

Most people require support when making decisions about their lives. They may talk to friends and family, or seek support from professionals in relation to decisions about their health, finances, or career. Being able to make all kinds of decisions for ourselves is important for our mental health and well-being and increases self-determination and agency over our own lives.

People with cognitive disabilities (including intellectual disability and acquired brain injury) benefit from making their own decisions. Oftentimes, this requires support from other people.

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) means that people with cognitive disability will be required to make decisions about the services they use and the kinds of care that they receive. Within this new climate, decision-making is particularly important.

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